An OTP has been send to your mobile. The QuickCam Express has a better driver, but doesn’t come with bundled paint or video editing software. Neither of these cameras really shoots good video or stills, but never mind the quality, feel the price. The focus ring on the C, on the other hand, is too tight, and has no proper end stops – it just gets harder and harder to turn at the extremes. Name Required Mail Required, will not be published Website.

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If you’re pointing the camera at something that isn’t white, of course, then you’ll need more light than that. Neither camera has a microphone built in, but the C comes with a separate mike, again in a clear plastic dsb c300. You can’t dsb c300 to get a particularly impressive colour image sensor for this kind of money, and neither are you going to dsb c300 super-clear, low-distortion optics. Good luck finding a webcam that provides EIA numbers, though. Not that you’re likely to do a whole lot of editing of low-res webcam video anyway, but it’s still nice to have.

Webcam shootout: D-Link DSB-C300 versus Logitech QuickCam Express

There’s no tripod mount, though. The Logitech driver installation is easy. As the installation begins, you will receive a message regarding Microsoft logo testing and driver compatibility with Windows XP. Your Db has been activated successfully. If something starts flogging the same drive you’re capturing to, you’ll drop frames, but if nothing interrupts the capture operation, you’ll be fine.

Alert on more product reviews Alert on new dsb c300 on this reviews. Dsb c300 feel this review is: You can’t change the video encoder the QuickCam software uses, and the still image resolution can’t be set dsb c300 than bybut this isn’t a camera for power users.


On the Locate Driver Files screen, choose to Specify a location. Dropping the capture colour depth to 16 bit – which you might as well, given that that’s c030 the camera delivers anyway – allowed it to struggle up to dsb c300 seven frames per second on the MHz Pentium III test machine.

Serious video dsb c300 systems have real time compression hardware built in, which gets around this problem.

D Link DSB C Driver – Software Driver Download

The Logitech camera, by dsb c300 way, is held together by only one screw, and contains only one circuit board Using the QuickCam Express, within these limitations, is easy enough. I said it was a serial camera and rebooted when Windows said, as usual, that it needed to; lo, the camera worked. After the dsb c300 are installed, you will be prompted that the installation was successful.

Because of this lack of practical constraints, PC cameras tend towards rather outrageous design. Any normal candle emits about one candela, and is thus about as bright as a standard candle; if you want to dsb c300 exactly how dsb c300 that is, all you need to do is heat one sixtieth of a square centimetre of perfect black-body radiator to the solidification temperature of platinum.

You’re not likely to have to take it to bits, though, because you can’t over-tighten its lens.

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The two cameras have similar specifications. The QuickCam Express may look like your standard dsh golf-ball cam, but it’s a bit smarter than that. Comment on this review Submit Update. Most drives just aren’t fast enough for high resolution digital video, dsb c300 you compress it on the fly, and neither of these cameras does.

It’s simple to access the dwb options, play with the dsb c300 settings, select the quality for e-mail videos and so on.

D-link DSB-C Manuals

dsb c300 The installation process is simple enough, but it doesn’t seem to be quite right for this camera. All your basic PC-connected video camera needs to have inside it is one little circuit board not much more than an inch square, on which sits the camera assembly. If you’ve got 24 bit colour, that’s eight bits per channel; steps for each. I don’t think it’s actually the camera’s fault; its preview image is fine, and its video capture dsb c300 not bad.

D Link DSB C300 Driver

Windows should detect it and start the New Hardware Wizard. Web Cam is plug-and-play; it plugs directly to a pc’s USB connector!!!!!!!! Run the software, tell it to grab a still or video, export to files or other programs or e-mail or whatever. dsb c300

Plugging in these cameras is easy as pie, of course, because they’re USB.