DVD Image from internet, via BitTorrent, all hardware was recognized, and all seemed to run perfectly, except the wireless. Refer to the following thread to get it working: Find More Posts by Electro. Screen goes white and then upon reboot goes to fatal io error Good combination of parts.

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However, trouble with wireless card Atheros No native linux driver. I have however turned of everything I don’t use in bios such as firewire, IDE ports, onboard sound e. Because of the high frequencies involved on the board, those short routes to ground are not equivalent to the long route to ground to the power supply, which will not be as responsive a ground, and may also cause inductance in other components.

My desktop as of now: That’s what got me the best match of color. Sometimes it won’t load into the windows first part of setup. Screen resolution defaults to a slightly too anamorphic x at 61hz, and the resolution can’t be changed with the Gnome UI but it is a en850g0t read than the default Win XP Pro “safe”-like resolution out of the box.


Here’s how I got it working: Another cause could be that the nvidia module is not loaded. See above link under “Not Working”. Intel En500gt 2 Duo E 2.


That same mouse used to work on Zenwalk, Ubuntu 7. The only problem is the driver for Nvidia’s GPU. Please pay attention that my video adapter is officially blacklisted by compiz developers – you may have it to work with some magic, but there will be no ability for video playback with 3d desktop enabled I can’t get it work.

Battery lnux to last about 2 hours and a half. It can be eaily fixed through ndiswrapper. If the install failed you’re on your own. And a great laptop!

Asus_P5QC – Ubuntu Wiki

On Shutdown it shows a glitchy screen The big drawback is it conflicts badly with the Intel HDA sound driver and generates a lot of spurious messages to the log files which show it is not entirely production-quality.

KS BUT i have this problem: The configuration of my PC OS: I shall work on it when I’m not busy. Nosing around on the ‘net I discovered there’s a method called slipstreaming whereby one can make an install CD of WinXP and include a number of items such as: Inspiron Centrino Duo – T, 1.

The machine has been een8500gt as a basically un-networked book reader for a disabled user. BUG refers My immediate solution is to use a separate PCI en8500tg card, and not make use of the on board facility.


Choosing THAT resolution the printer still printed. If don’t i press any key it takes 2 minutes to boot i don’t see any progress bar, black screen until login screen, but if i press ctrl-alt-f1 it boots immediately: Belkin Shutdown Software http: The native support, though is for the Minolta-QMM version.

Make sure gcc compiler, header files for the kernel and X11 are installed, and other require header files.

However, having similar sliders acting in different ways is counter-intuitive and there’s no real reason for it. Found a possible solution.

I had read complaints about the Zalman cooler and the flatness of the processor contact plate. Control of the UPS is available through the terminal through easy to use scripts.