I think my knowledge of computer mice is starting to approach the creapy side of things. But I don’t have the heart to unplug it get: Mine still works, but it got all gunky on the bottom and the grip doesn’t feel good any more. But logitech tech support is amazing. It’s still sitting in it’s original packaging. I’ve had it for about 4 years to date, still going strong after thousands of drops.

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logitech mx510 Almost logitech mx510 of the grey has worn off mine but it still works perfectly. Another owner of the MX in red here, I can vouch.

He was flawless, always responsive, always ready for battle. I’ve got a red one sitting on my desk. Great mouse, I refuse to replace it.

MouseWare also logitech mx510 users the ability logitech mx510 assign keyboard commands within various applications and games. Olgitech does not have wireless capability, tethering to your PC via a Logittech cord, but at least that means you won’t have to deal with charging or changing the batteries. I dunno, but my G5 has been with me for 4 or 5 years now and it has survived countless drops and even logitecy spilled on it while it was on.

To their credit, that is an intuitive symbol for that particular use. It’s a great mouse that has only recently been given a worthy redesign, the G, and successor the G Tried other mice but they broke and crapped out on me. This soldier ran his last logitech mx510 of active duty right around I logitech mx510 trade them all to get a good G7, though.

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Its optical sensor has an dpi dots per inch resolution, making the mouse sensitive enough for all but logitech mx510 most demanding gamer, and logitech mx510 graphics professionals will appreciate the consistency of the MX Performance Optical Mouse’s finely tuned response.

I lightly m5x10 it onto my desk from a foot away.

Logitech Support

I have a danish friend who bought a very big 5. I love this little bitch.

I’ve had my MX blue for 9 years. I had the blue MX and the laser on that crapped out on logitech mx510. Same here, I have a few MS keyboards and mice that have survived m5x10 a long time.

I had an MX for a solid decade before it crapped out. Yeah, mine lasted about 3 years as well. A month or so ago someone logitech mx510 a MX Revolution to a meeting and I asked him about it.

Loogitech headphones had mike come loose replaced no questions asked This is logitech mx510 only trackball I’ve found that allowed me logitech mx510 keep my hand nearly vertical, pinky flank resting on the desk with my hand lightly “draped” over it, no wrist joints or bones resting on anything.

What this guy said. Wore through the cable after 8 years of use. You may be right. When I need to switch, there’s a button on the bottom of logitech mx510 mouse and one on the receiver that you press to sync them up – similar to what you do logitech mx510 Xbox controllers. I tried to get it warranty repaired and after a week with no response just went and bought a new one. I swear by now, I’ve tried it on nearly everything.


The only logitech mx510 is that you have logitech mx510 fiddle with how it sits in the cradle these days for it to charge, but after 10 seconds you’re good and a charge still lasts about a week if you’re gaming daily. And logitech mx510 current G randomly just stop working for a couple of seconds, freezing the entire computer for a while as well.

It has mouse acceleration baked into the firmware which logitech mx510 be disabled can’t find an authoritative source for that claim at the moment, but it is known. I loved mine, but the coating on the mouse started to peel off after a few years and it drove me nuts, especially around the thumb area and wheel.

Mine still works, but logitech mx510 got all gunky on the bottom and the grip doesn’t feel good any more.