Examine Working Copy The first thing I needed to know what changes Oracle’s installer does during an installation. After these keys are added to the business layer in OBIEE, you can add the fields to the presentation layer. I need to tell my Windows what is my driver name and what is its path and so on. Open a text editor and copy and paste the following code into it: In the Tableau workbook, the key fields do not appear in the Data window under Dimensions , as shown in the following graphic. I tried to find the minimum viable set of the libraries. Or we can spend some time to:.

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And why is it so strange?

Enter the login Oeacle and password corresponding to the database you selected and click OK. The Secure Socket Layer Configuration dialog appears. This content has been marked as final. The database-specific credentials allow privileged users to connect to the underlying databases at the level of authority granted to those users in the databases.

Thank you, your comment requires moderation so it may take a while to appear. Compare it to 31 thousand files of the full client. You can find this file at: For example, serber you have three repositories running on your Oracle BI Server, install three Presentation Services instances on three separate computers.

And the last part is registry keys. You won’t win the smallest ODBC client contest but will save a few minutes of your time.

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Working with OBIEE Data in Excel using ODBC

But what you can’t see in this picture is the data source for the table and charts. Physical Layer right pane —The layer where the connection to each data source is made and the raw tables are exposed.

If a secondary Cluster Controller has been set up, then type the name of the host where the Secondary Controller is running in the Secondary Controller field. Fr, Dez 17 8: If you are using the hashed version of the CA certificate, enter the directory where the hashed file is located in the CA Certificate Directory field.

OBIEE – Data Direct ODBC drivers [Gerardnico]

If you want oraacle data source to connect to clustered Oracle BI Servers, supply the following additional parameters. Also, if your organization is currently using query and reporting tools, using the Oracle BI Server as a data source makes these tools more valuable and simplifies the 11b entailed when using them.

We use a fast and efficient way instead. If you select this option, you will not have to enter your user name each time you connect. Close Are you sure you want to delete this document?

There were no surprises. So just a brief intermediate summary. That are great news that 64 Bit Admin Tool is running now.

Working with OBIEE Data in Excel using ODBC

To save the user name in the Windows registry for this client, select Save login ID. With only English locale it has a size about 20 megabytes and consists of 75 files. If you oravle to manually update the centrally managed parameters, the values is overwritten the next time the system is started.

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111g As a web client end user, you can choose which repository to access from your client browser by substituting the appropriate web server computer name or IP address in the URL for the Presentation Services instance that points to the repository you want to work with: To make these joins, the key fields must exist in all three tables and be exposed at the business layer and the presentation layer in OBIEE.

Its size is about megabytes. Expose key fields in the business layer.

Again if you agree with not the smallest client in the world, you may take the whole locale. I will not describe in full details the process of the investigation as it is not too challenging.

OBIEE – Data Direct ODBC drivers

Select and join the tables in the join area on the Tableau data source connection screen. This makes it much easier to include columns involving complex aggregation and calculation rules in queries and reports.

Thanks a lot and so long, Andreas. How to execute registry fiels which you have srver.