I f a s p e c i f i c t y p e o f b a r c o d e o t h e r t h a nspecified earlier does not satisfy your needs, create your own program to translate data to aspecific bar code. Do notspill or splash a cleaning liquid inside the printer. Ignores the CTS signal Waituntil the print head is cooled off. For example, when using some application software, if you want to boldface or underline aword, the printer driver automatically translates your specific boldface or underline instructionon your application software to printer control command. Please see a rating plate on the back of your printer for appropriate input voltage and consult yourdealer for a specific type of power cord.

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Tell us what’s missing. 60000 setup optionsAbout extended setup optionsThe extended setup options contain various setup options which are used less frequently thanthe main setup options. Setting upConnecting the computerThe printer has a parallel interface connector Centronics and serial interface connector RSC.

The buffer size affects the signal protocol in serial data communication. An appropriate selection isdisplayed according to another setup options like the emulation type of either IBM or FX mode.

Seiko Precision BP Print Quality problem | FixYourOwnPrinter

Selection of srikosha driver6. After a brief wait, turnthe printer on again. Rear fanfold or top cut sheet. Extended setup options Communication protocol serial interface This function selects the appropriate communications protocol.

If the page length is smaller than 5 inches, thisfunction is ignored. Extended setup options Interface typeThe parallel interface or the serial interface is selected. PivotRear CoverxOpen the rear cover from thebottom edge and pull it toward thebottom to sekiosha.

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Printer Ribbon for SEIKOSHA BP 6000/9000

DARK 3max, thickness 0. Extended setup options 46 Restore factory default setupsThis function selects to initialize bo printer to the factory setting.

The setup options are explained later in the “Basic setupoptions”. Control panel seikoshq operationsTearing off a form Used only with fanfold paper This function is activated by the TEAR OFF key and feeds fanfold paper so that theperforation is aligned with the paper cutter located at the top rear of the printer, thus enablingsimple paper tearing.

The parameters set in the setup options are stored in the memory of theprinter and used as the default values in initialize operations. Remove or open the rear cover eof the printer to lock the cover inthe open position. Page 8 Unpacking the printerUnpacking the printerM.

Seiko Group BP-6000 Printer User Manual

Consult yourdealer if you cannot find correct pattern. The print head position can be adjusted to accommodate printing on single andmultipart forms. Manually move the print head to the extreme right side of the printer for easy installation of theribbon.

Ignores the CTS signal The relationships of the paper sizes with thenumber of printed columns at 10 cpi are described in the table below. Extended setup options Set italic character styleThis function simply selects all print output to be in sekkosha character style. Thepage length is the same as the distance between two perforations.

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In sfikosha, this mode serves toredefine the font type, character spacing, and other parameters for the printer’s currentoperating conditions. This saves you not only a lot of copying, but also a good deal of printing. For more detailed instructions on setting yourprinter, please refer to the page indicated.

Extended setup options Set default page lengthThis seikosah selects a default page length of either 11 or 12 inches at the time of printerinitialization. Load the single cut sheet paper or fanfoldpaper.


Printer stops or slowsdown on printingxPrint head has overheated. See “Connecting the computer” on page 12 for correct selection andconnection of the interface cable. Please see 6000 rating plate on the back of your printer for appropriate input voltage and consult yourdealer for a 60000 type of power cord. Page 9 Quick startupQuick startupTo make your first print, follow the procedure below.

Maintenance Printer cover removal GuidePrinter CoverxOpen the front cover to an uprightposition, then lift and remove thecover.