I reckon they will cheese off so many punters, and the retail trade that they will lose all credibility. The R is for good players who like to work the ball and are not in need of much distance-wise help. Posted 27 August – With COR now permanently set at. The R is cc, the R is cc and the R is cc. It is almost as if TM is admitting that the base series drivers have very little to offer over the older series drivers, other than hype and glossier black paint. Consult the Taylor Made website for an expanded list of professional players using the products.

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Expert taylormade r series reviews, breaking golf taylormmade and industry news, what to taylrmade, how to play and where to play. Maybe it was taylormade r500 series research data that led Taylor Made to dream up the R Series, or maybe it was player feedback. Anybody know the CC on it or ball flight characteristics??

taylormade r500 series Priority Designs built on the visual equity of the Posted 22 August – It is mellow and restrained compared taylormade r series the others.

With the possible exception of the R, they have a somewhat generic feel. Upon using the R for a few rounds, I’ve noticed a lower, more piercing trajectory with tee shots I haven’t tried hitting it off the fairway, and can’t really see using it r500 this mannerwhich certainly helps when hitting into the wind.

Distance-wise, it’s difficult to distinguish between the R taylormade r500 series the older and models. Nike SQ Sumo2 That’s OK by me though since it will take some rejection to get them to slow down the seemingly never-ending stream of new driver announcements.

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The swries feels a bit heavier taylormade r500 series the series models I’ve used, but adds more of a solid feel. The inverted cone referred taylormade r500 series is applied to the inside of the face.

Having played both the Taylor Made and models in the past two seasons, it was a bit hard to believe there was much room for improvement.

The largest of the series, the R cchas been optimized to produce extra distance and extra forgiveness on off-center hits and taylormade r500 series produce a higher launch angle, but taylormase less spin.

Maybe it was the research data that led Taylor Taylormade r series to dream up the R Series, or maybe it was player feedback. The series is not dead yet, just being tweeked a little till the new ones get by the knuckleheads at the USGA. But the current taylormade r500 series C.

For more information click here. What this means for you is more driving power, even when you miss the center of the club face. Here’s about where I lost him, but Vincent then put it in terms myself and the average duffer can taylormade r500 series Feel and performance varies from driver to driver, but all seem to do pretty much just what taylormade r500 series manufacturer says that they will do.

TaylorMade Golf Drivers – Priority Designs

If so, what are they replacing them with? Also new to TaylorMade taylormade r500 series are the basic head shapes of the R Series. As for future products, it will be very interesting to see what kind of marketing strategy TM comes up with for the expected series. Taylormade r500 series from the obvious differences in volume and scoring line patterns, the three drivers taylormaee the same, basic appearance.

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TaylorMade discontinuing R500 series?

This indented alleyway creates two railroad-like edges that function as alignment devices. And when taylormade r500 series seeking this magical combination of forgiveness and distance, look no farther than the new Taylor Made R series.

Most low-cappers will want to opt for one of these alternative shafts. Players of all levels responded well to them.


I prefer them to the Vsteels. With the Series headcover on, it may actually become difficult to find the irons in your bag. First taylormade r500 series in the series, then TP, then XD Opinions vary on this, but most of the mid- to high-handicappers we have talked to have a taylormade r500 series for the alignment benefits of these indentations.

I think the difference in trajectory comes from having taylormade r series taylormadw tip on the shaft of the R which Vincent confirmedalong with one degree less loft 8. Each of the R drivers come with a Tunable Weight Cartridge.