It’s a decent buy if you want a free phone for lots of texting and voice calls, and you have a separate point-and-shoot camera and iPod. Of course, given the phone’s shape, the display has a landscape rather than a portrait orientation, which makes it suitable for composing tests. I love the phone, it works great. The speakerphone sounded a bit harsh but had decent gain, if not quite enough for use outdoors. The microSD card slot is on the top, and a camera lens and a self-portrait mirror are on the back. One feature I haven’t seen before is an E-Diary.

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Feature phones are a tough sell to begin with these days, thanks to steadily dropping smartphone prices.

Pantech Jest 2 Battery. It offers a fair number of features, a bright display, verizon pantech jest an easy-to-use interface, panfech the keyboard is cramped and call quality was mediocre. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

On standby, swiping the directional pad to the right will reveal a My Shortcuts verizon pantech jest that lists up to verizob user-defined shortcuts. The Jest 2 still isn’t much of a multimedia phone, though. Battery life was excellent for a compact Verizon phone at 6 hours and 46 minutes of talk time.

Like its predecessor, the Jest 2 has a 2-megapixel camera that takes pictures in five resolutions, from 1,x1, pixels down to x Just be aware that both services use jes clunky Verizon pantech jest interface and will cost extra.


At least the verizon pantech jest edge of the front panel didn’t get verizon pantech jest way of hitting the top row of keys, like on many other vertical sliders, thanks to a small plastic ridge between the keyboard and the open panel. Pantech also vverizon the four main function keys down a bit, and blended them into a single button bar with a textured surface that’s easy to use one-handed.

Keep it attached to your pocket, belt or purse.

Pantech Jest 2: Cell Phones & Accessories | eBay

Though the Jest 2 gets props for having the first two items on that list, the volume rocker is too verizon pantech jest. Features The Jest 2’s feature list covers all the basics while offering a panttech extras for passing time when you’re not communicating. Jwst to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls. Samsung Galaxy S Aviator Pabtech. Great value, my daughter is all smiles.

Pantech Jest – blue Verizon Wireless review: Though the individual buttons are raised, the keyboard as a whole is too cramped. There are a few useful shortcuts, but verizon pantech jest a basic arrangement on the whole. Continue to next page 01 Verizon pantech jest Power Is Coming. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time.


These were easy to read, but the four-way circular touch pad was a misfire.

See all 3 new other listings. It’s cute, I suppose, especially if you like to chronicle your every moment.

Transmissions through the microphone sounded thin and brittle, verizon pantech jest plenty of street noise filtering through. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The menu system consists of numerous, brightly colored option lists.

There’s just 44MB of free internal memory—bizarre, since the original version had almost a gigabyte verizon pantech jest.

The smooth, glossy plastic and rounded edges make it especially easy to slip the Jest into a pants pocket or purse, while the rubberized back panel adds comfort during long phone calls.

Pantech Jest 2

Compare the Pantech Jest with several other mobile phones side by side. Typing was reasonably comfortable as a result, though I’d prefer a verizon pantech jest design. One feature I haven’t seen before is an E-Diary. Any Condition Any Condition.